At BauerWorks, we take a holistic approach to content marketing strategy, collaborating with brands from the conception of an idea all the way through to its development, delivery, amplification and ongoing measurement across print, digital, social and mobile platforms.

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  • Research, trends and insights

    If you want customers to get involved with your content, give them content that really matters to them.

    At BauerWorks, we’ve invested in what we believe is the media industry’s pre-eminent in-house research department. Their activities provide ongoing insights into what your customers are thinking and doing, what’s influencing them, what their triggers are, where their aspirations lie – and what they want from you. These insights are at the heart of every content strategy we develop.

    Our research team can also manage bespoke branded research studies on your behalf, producing a strong and credible pool of insights that demonstrate your understanding of your audience and promote your expertise in a given field. These can be shared with your audience through your owned channels and broadcast more widely through other earned and paid media channels.

  • Content strategy

    When the content strategy is right, the people that matter to your business will value the content you deliver. They’ll find it, read it, share it and act on it. They’ll look forward to it. That’s where you want to be.

    At BauerWorks, we use in-house research and data resources to pull together a picture of the people you want to reach and the pressures, aspirations and connections that influence what they think and do. And we work with you to consider what role your brand has to play in all of this, and how you can use content to earn a meaningful place in the everyday lives of your audience.

    We’ll get the content strategy right from the start. And then we’ll monitor and evolve that strategy, to ensure you get the outcome you’re after, month after month and year after year.

  • Website design & digital content

    It’s not enough for a brand to have an online presence. It must be able to offer an online experience that its audience finds intuitive and compelling.

    At BauerWorks, our insights into audience behaviour inform our understanding of how to develop websites that work. We know people are using websites for search, research and decision-making. And we know they expect to have a simple and intuitive experience, with easy access across every device.

    BauerWorks has the digital know-how and the rich and varied content-creation capabilities to provide you with a complete service, from wireframes, site-design and site-build through to content creation and ongoing maintenance. But we also know how to work in teams, tailoring our contribution and working collaboratively to help deliver the outcome you want in the way that makes sense for your business.

  • Data analytics

    In a world of 24-hour broadcasting, relevance delivers cut-through – and data delivers relevance. It makes it possible to personalise content, serving up only what matters to your audience, when and where it will benefit them most.

    Our data analytics team has the expertise to turn vast quantities of personal information into a smart and simple framework for the delivery of targeted content. They can also work with data to test content ideas, measure success and optimise content strategies.

    At BauerWorks, we believe in partnerships and in working with you in a way that makes sense for your business. If that means you want us to operate in an advisory capacity, we can do that. But we can also work with your data to analyse information, develop strategy, and help deliver content, too.

  • Magazine apps

    Expectations around digital magazines have evolved and expanded since the launch of Apple’s iPad in 2010. It’s no longer enough for a “tablet edition” to be a simple page-turning, digital replica of the print magazine.

    At BauerWorks, we’re focused on producing magazine apps that offer readers a beautiful, sophisticated and immersive experience. We also know that tablets are emerging as a starting point for purchase activity, and that tablet-based content plays a key role in converting browsers into buyers.

    The magazine apps BauerWorks has produced for clients have quickly won large and loyal audiences. And they've been acknowledged by the industry, too, with awards including the Australian Magazine Awards Magazine App of the Year in 2013 and 2014, and a Gold Award for Tablet Content at the international Custom Content Council Awards 2013.

  • Social media

    The content that works best in social channels is the content that makes people laugh, learn, feel entertained, intrigued or inspired. That’s what people want to see – and what they want to share.

    With an eight-decade history of producing content cherished by millions, BauerWorks has the built-in expertise to craft social content that teases and tempts audiences into engagement. And we have the digital skills and research insights to understand which channels are being used by which customers – at which times and for what purposes.

    BauerWorks can partner with your business to develop social content and schedule the delivery of that content in a way that is useful, inspiring, influential and timely.

  • eDMs

    Emails (or eDMs) are a rare opportunity for one-on-one communication between a brand and an individual. They’re one of the most effective content tools for driving customer engagement and purchasing decisions. And they’re increasingly being recognised as a major force of content sharing, quietly outperforming the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    At BauerWorks, we combine our creative expertise and digital know-how to develop eDMs that are stunning to look at, compelling to read and built to drive commercial outcomes. And we use the data smarts of our dedicated data team to ensure that every audience member gets the content they want, need and value in ways that align with your brand’s objectives.

    When you partner with BauerWorks, you can choose to keep control of your database or to hand over all aspects of eDM strategy implementation to our team. We will always collaborate with you to work towards the outcomes you need in ways that make sense for your own internal business processes.

  • Print

    Print magazines retain their popularity and their power. Their physical presence in the “real world” means they have something to offer that digital alternatives can’t match: offline escapism, a tactile experience and an opportunity to switch off and relax.

    But now, more than ever, the print medium - including both magazines and books - needs to be handled with skill and imagination to ensure its impact in a digitally driven content environment.

    For more than 80 years, Bauer has been producing magazines cherished by millions of readers. Editorial expertise runs deep through our business. At BauerWorks, we know how to create magazines that win audiences. And we know how to get those magazines printed and distributed in the most effective way, whether that’s in-store, through newsagents or direct to people’s mailboxes.

    Developed and delivered as part of the content strategy for your brand, a magazine made by BauerWorks will get attention, raise profile, drive engagement – and get results for you.

  • Mobile

    People have long been unplugged from their desktop computers. Already, about half of all online access comes through mobile devices, a figure expected to rise to two thirds by 2016*.

    In a world where different devices are used at different times of the day, it’s important to develop an intuitive body of content so that audiences can be involved with your brand across all channels and devices in a way that is seamless and purposeful.

    At BauerWorks, we ensure that the look, tone, attitude and values of your content are consistent across all channels. But we also think through the detail of where, when and how people are using each channel, and for what purpose. That’s what drives decisions around how content is developed, packaged, scheduled and distributed. And it’s part of the planning process from the outset.

    *Neilson Connected Consumers Report 2014

  • Distribution strategy

    At BauerWorks we place the people you want to connect with at the heart of your content strategy, wrapping your business objectives  around that core before considering the right stories and formats for your audience.

    Equally crucial, though, is the distribution strategy - the where, when and how of the story telling. At BauerWorks we are both channel-rich and platform-agnostic. From print products, including books, magazines, catalogues and brochures, to increasingly diverse owned and earned digital channels, including internal intranets, we will collaborate with you to ensure that your content is discovered, enjoyed, shared and acted upon in the most connected and cost-effective ways.

  • Video

    The delivery of video over online channels has been one of the most significant content developments of recent times, with online Australians now spending an average of 2.5 hours watching video on smartphones, daily*.

    Videos can influence brand perceptions, evoking the magic of storytelling and playing with intrigue, emotion, wisdom and suspense in ways that compel engagement and sharing.

    Or they can be used to deliver bona fide brand value, operating as a support service of educational or instructional tools. Note that YouTube is currently the second most-used search engine after Google.

    BauerWorks produces snackable social videos, step-by-step and behind-the-scenes content, interviews and event coverage for clients including Telstra, Weight Watchers and Myer. Our in-house expertise is backed by Bauer Video, the full-service video-production team based at Bauer’s Sydney studios. To see some of our work, view the BauerWorks Vimeo albums.

    * Nielsen Australian Connected Consumers 2014

  • Sponsored Content

    Sponsored content places your content in the context of a targeted editorial environment, aligning it with aesthetics and attitudes that an audience already knows, loves and identifies with.

    At BauerWorks, we combine strategic skills and creative expertise to produce sponsored content that delivers on your objectives while sitting comfortably in an editorial environment that audiences value.

    But what really gives our clients a competitive advantage is our connection to the wider Bauer business. Brands that work with BauerWorks enter into a partnership with the largest consumer content publisher in the Asia Pacific, and can develop relationships with some of the region’s most beloved editorial titles, from the Australian Women’s Weekly to Harper’s Bazaar. Sponsored content campaigns run across Bauer titles are developed in close consultation with the relevant editorial teams, ensuring quality, efficiency and impact.

  • Content review

    Many businesses have spent a lot of time and money building up a body of content they hope will connect them with an audience and drive commercial outcomes. But not many are confident they’re getting it right.

    BauerWorks can work with you on a content review that will give you a clear view of the body of content you currently own across any number of touchpoints. We will consider its strengths and weaknesses, including how well it aligns with what your audience wants from you, and how well it represents your values and your offering. And we will look at how it’s structured and delivered, to gauge how easy it is for your audience to discover, use and share.

    We will also offer you guidance on how to evolve your content, building on what you have now and optimising your strategy ongoing, to ensure that your audience grows and that your investment in content delivers on its commercial objectives.

  • Retail creative & production

    Catalogues are an essential part of the content program for retailers. Although their purpose is clear, catalogues can be a deceptively complex product to deliver – and there is no room for error or waste.

    BauerWorks has a history of producing catalogues on a grand scale. We have the facilities and the people to successfully manage the logistical challenges of multi-day product shoots including eight studios located in the Sydney CBD, a 21-strong team of in-house photographers, as well as a formidable schedule of freelance partners, stylists with expertise across fashion, food and homewares, and two dedicated producers.

    We also have a team of production experts with the experience to oversee complicated print runs and distribution arrangements.

    And, as the Asia Pacific’s largest consumer publishing business, we have the purchasing power to negotiate the most attractive paper prices possible on behalf of our clients.