Westfield magazines

Driving industry-leading content projects for one of the globe’s most innovative and successful retail giants.

the idea

Westfield shopping centres throughout Australia and New Zealand curate an environment that attracts the tenure of world-leading brands from Armani to Zara. Every year, those centres draw hundreds of millions of customer visits, generating tens of billions of dollars in retail sales. The strategic content partnership between Westfield and BauerWorks, renewed in late 2014, has thrown out the ‘business-as-usual’ model and is engaged in the ongoing pursuit of more thrilling, more thought-provoking, more dynamic content executions.

Driving millions of shopper trips annually to Westfield centres across Australia and New Zealand


A phenomenally successful business, Westfield seeks to set the pace in retail by delivering ‘extraordinary experiences’ to customers and tenant retailers alike. As Westfield’s content partner, BauerWorks collaborates with a dynamic group of creative agencies to develop and deliver richly creative content that spans all channels and activities. Australia’s best and brightest fashion talents are involved in producing images and stories that are used, reused and re-imagined across print, website, in-store signage, digital signage and social media, to the benefit of Westfield’s two audiences: its shoppers and its retailers.

the impact

Since 2014, BauerWorks’ role within a multi-agency team has made it possible for content to run across different channels seamlessly and cost-efficiently, a development seen as a huge gain by a company with such a sophisticated and progressive agenda across such a vast and complex business. Sumptuous and visually provocative, the content produced by BauerWorks for Westfield is the trigger for close to 500 million shopper trips annually.

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