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the idea

With more than 150,000 members in over 120 countries around the world, CPA Australia represents a body of business decision-makers driving growth and leading innovation internationally.


The organisation needed to maintain strong engagement with its members, while talking to an audience beyond its membership. It also had a vision extending well beyond Australian accountancy: to have its CPA Australia qualification recognised as a high-level designation for business professionals in Australasia, Asia and beyond. For all that, it required content that took members and interested outsiders into the region’s big business issues.


BauerWorks relaunched the organisation’s existing journal in 2010. Polished, authoritative and cutting-edge, INTHEBLACK is now the organisation’s calling card, effectively and comprehensively banishing the old grey-suit clichés of the profession. The magazine is distributed beyond the membership base, selling at newsstands and being distributed at Qantas business lounges across Australia.


Australia’s top-circulating business magazine


In the pages of INTHEBLACK magazine and on the website, the global business future becomes high-impact reality.


Its cover subjects have ranged from film and theatre industry player Cate Blanchett to Victoria Cross winner and leadership champion Ben Roberts-Smith. Its readers have heard global business experts from Ariana Huffington to Ram Charan and seen the global business future from China’s soaring skyscrapers to the international battle over video streaming. And everything is delivered by the best of the region’s business writers, illustrators and photographers.


This high-quality content positions CPA Australia as a global business leader – and a leader amongst membership organisations.


Industry peers have recognised INTHEBLACK’s achievements with a string of Australian and international awards. In 2015 alone, the magazine was named at the global Content Marketing Awards as Best Association Magazine as well as winning Best Use Of Illustration. In 2014 it was Custom Magazine of the Year (Australian Magazine Awards) and Business Magazine of the Year (Publishers Australia Excellence Awards).



Building on the long-standing success of the title, INTHEBLACK strives to constantly innovate with effective incremental changes. Some examples include:

SIGNATURE ISSUE – In our October issue we include a special feature on 10 Bold Strategic Moves which delves into intriguing and remarkable business decisions.


MEET THE STRATEGIST EVENT – This event at the annual CPA Australia Congress hosts three of the magazine’s interview subjects in conversation about strategy, leadership and building a business.

the impact

INTHEBLACK is a cornerstone of the CPA Australia communications strategy, bringing together print, online, engaging e-newsletters and ebooks throughout the year.  Quality, timely content is at the core of each offering, and by engaging the audience it provides valuable touch points to sell. With 21% of the readership in senior leadership positions, the brand continues to attract premium brands, adding Porsche, Maserati and Rolex to the mix over the past 12 months.


Furthermore, INTHEBLACK continues to be Australia’s top-circulating business magazine standing in its own right next to the world’s best business and finance publications.  In fact, INTHEBLACK consistently punches above its weight in reader engagement outperforming Time, BRW and the Australian Financial Review. Humour, spontaneity, colour and personal stories have transformed subjects that can often be dry.   


When it comes to C-Suite reader engagement, INTHEBLACK is Australia’s best performing magazine and readers are 31% more engaged compared the senior business executive average.


INTHEBLACK business magazine engagement


2015 Best Association Magazine
Content Marketing Awards (global)

2015 Best Use Of Illustration
Content Marketing Awards (global)

2014 Business Magazine Of The Year
Publishers Australia Excellence Awards

2014 Australian Magazine Awards

Custom Magazine of the Year

2013 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards
Designer of the Year [Kate Barnett]

2012 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards
Designer of the Year [Kate Barnett]

2011 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards
Designer of the Year [Kate Barnett]

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