Future-proofing the Australian Institute of Management’s status at the cutting edge of management issues and trends nationally and globally.

the idea

For 75 years the Institute, run by a series of separate state-based organisations, has been in the business of helping people become managers and managers become leaders. Last year, the states merged to create Australia’s first and only national management entity. The organisation is now in a prime position to leverage its combined assets and represent them through a collective voice that will continue to inspire the existing membership while attracting and engaging the support of new members and corporate clients.


While AIM’s magazine MT had always had a national presence, it now has potential to serve as a lead branding tool in AIM’s national marketing armoury.


With a bolder visual identity and brand-new masthead, MT magazine was relaunched as aim magazine in February 2015, with the evergreen global management guru Jim Collins taking the debut cover spot in an unusual cover shoot that has come to epitomise aim’s alternative and innovative approach to management issues.

A rich variety of topical matters are tackled from putting macro management under the microscope to denuding body language myths. A host of AIM members have come under the magazine’s spotlight from CEOs Brian Canavan (Sydney Roosters – NRL) and Carolyn Viney (Grocon – construction) to Ben Roberts-Smith VC (general manager, Seven Queensland).

the impact

While it’s early days for the content, the inaugural readership survey reveals 82% of readers value aim highly from a career perspective, because it helps keep them up to date with the latest in management theory and practice, and 85% say the magazine provides valuable management insights.

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