You can reach key audience sets

The BauerWorks team can help develop and schedule highly effective campaigns that connect you with the audiences you want to target.

  • Healthy Minded
  • Parents with Kids
  • Modern Men
  • Grocery Buyers
  • Social Elite
  • Business Decision Makers
  • Born to Shop
  • Modern Women

Advertising opportunities through BauerWorks partnerships

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Australian Institute of Management

Leadership Matters




Smarter Business Ideas

The Australian Workers Union

The Australian Worker & Safety Matters

Aussie Farmers Direct

Dig In

Weight Watchers

WW magazine










  • Website Advertising

    At BauerWorks, our insights into audience behaviour inform our understanding of how to plan and deliver online advertising that works. We know people are using websites for search, research and decision-making. And we know they expect content online to be either intensely useful or richly entertaining and stimulating. We will work with you to plan, develop and deliver the right sort of advertising content across the most valuable online assets.

  • Print Advertising

    Print magazines retain their popularity and their power. Their physical presence in the “real world” means they have something to offer that digital alternatives can’t match: off-line escapism, a tactile experience and an opportunity to switch off and relax. And they still rank number-one for “luxurious” and “innovative” media experiences, according to research (Bauer TNS Media Experience Study 2013). Print advertising remains an influential part of the mix for advertisers. At BauerWorks, we can advise you on how to best leverage the print medium as part of your campaign. Depending on your needs, we can also work with you on the strategy, creative design and execution.

  • Creative Services

    We can extend the expertise of our editorial teams to develop outstanding creative for advertisers. In-house capabilities around strategy, styling, photography, writing and design can deliver bespoke advertising solutions across print and digital platforms – and beyond, to events, event collateral and POS material. We also work with Bauer Video, a full-service video production team based at Bauer’s Sydney studios, which produces close to 100 videos on a monthly basis including snackable social videos, instructional how-tos and step-by-steps, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews and event coverage.

  • Viewa

    Viewa is a fast-growing, augmented-reality, image-recognition technology that connects the printed page with the digital world via your mobile device. It can be used to trigger digital content such as video, product galleries and slideshows, but it also offers interactive functionality, making it possible to enter a competition, buy tickets and collect discounts straight from the page. Viewa has outstanding results for advertisers across both consumer and branded content produced by Bauer.

  • Sponsored Content

    Sponsored content is an opportunity to get your brand in front of the audience you seek at a time when they are highly engaged in the media experience. But it is perilously easy to get wrong. To have the desired result, it should have relevancy and work seamlessly in the editorial environment that it is placed in. That means it has to be produced by a high-quality content team with genuine editorial smarts. It also has to deftly balance confidence and restraint - present your audience with content that has stand-alone value and you pull the magic lever that allows you to gain from the halo effect of association with an editorial environment your target audience knows, loves and trusts. The BauerWorks Media Sales team is embedded with editorial and creative experts who will get sponsored content right, every time.

  • Branded Content

    With journalists and editors across all categories including fashion, lifestyle, health, food, motoring and business, content expertise runs deep through our business. Bauer has been producing content cherished by millions of readers across the Asia Pacific for more than 80 years. We can work with you to produce memorable and shareable content that creates meaningful connections with your target audience. And we have the skills and the smarts to ensure your content is made for the medium, whether it’s a social campaign, a print product or an online asset, for targeted campaigns or for longer-term initiatives.

  • eDMs

    Emails (or eDMs) are a rare opportunity for one-on-one contact between a brand and an individual customer. They’re one of the most effective content tools for driving customer engagement and purchasing decisions - and they’re increasingly being recognised as a major force of content sharing, quietly outperforming the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. At BauerWorks, we combine our creative expertise and digital know-how to develop eDMs that are stunning to look at and compelling to read. We can work with you to place advertising content within content-based eDMs, or to produce a wholly-owned eDM distributed through selected client databases.


    Event-based advertising requires connections and a sound understanding of logistics. But it also requires a sense of adventure. The BauerWorks Media Sales team has craned luxury vehicles into airport lounges, produced fashion parades for select designers and held Champagne tastings in association with the Formula 1 Grand Prix, to name just a few. Talk to us about what we can do to draw attention to your message.

  • Video & TVCs

    The delivery of video over online channels has been one of the most significant developments of recent times. It has been reported that Australians spend an average of 2.5 hours watching video on smartphones. But while online video content is on the rise, television remains one of the most influential media sources of our time. We can work with you to produce video pre-rolls and television commercials (TVCs) of any scale, using either our in-house video team or liaising with full-scale production, video and animation companies. BauerWork’s comprehensive capabilities across print, digital, video and TVC production provide a one-stop shop for campaigns, guaranteeing a consistent creative approach across all facets of the project and, not to be underestimated, a streamlined process for approvals.