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BauerWorks is an independent, full-service content marketing agency.


Established more than 15 years ago as Bauer Custom Media, we have long been regarded as one of the country’s most highly credentialed brand publishers. Now, we leverage that heritage to build audiences and drive commercial outcomes for some of the Asia Pacific’s best-known brands including Myer, CPA Australia, Telstra, Westfield and Weight Watchers.


The content marketing strategies we develop are supported by Bauer Media’s operational scale with the powerful potential to amplify content further through Bauer Media’s consumer brand channels in partnership with Bauer Xcel Labs.


But above all else, we’re about people.


We have in our team the most creative and strategic content marketers in the region. And we pride ourselves on our ability to connect and collaborate with people right across our clients' businesses, and their agencies.

  • Ben

    Commercial Manager

    Ben has worked as commercial content manager for some of Australia’s biggest (and smallest) brands over the past 14 years. He has a strategic and personalised approach to each individual client, and has delivered successful and innovative commercial outcomes across his portfolio of brands. The best content has personality. Content should not necessarily be just about your products and services, but rather something that your customers care about that is related to what you actually offer. What I bring to any project is lateral thinking and, hopefully, a laugh. The best piece of content I’ve ever seen is Snoop Dogg’s GGN Network. My best day is any day that starts late and ends late.

  • Lynda


    Lynda has been a journalist for 25 years, working with Bauer and News Limited in Australia, with Thomson Reuters and the Canadian Press in North America, and with Thomson Reuters and Dow Jones in the UK. She has covered breaking news in London, the Olympic Games in the US and business stories in Australia, working across newspapers, magazines, radio and digital. What I bring to any project is the ‘to-do’ list and an uncompromising commitment to produce the best product we can. The best piece of content I’ve ever seen is a graphic breaking down the creative development of a magazine cover over time and across departments, with commentary – it was both informative and hilarious.

  • Aija

    Digital Product Manager

    With more than five years’ experience in the digital industry, Aija is as passionate as ever about the evolving possibilities of the medium and how it shapes our interactions with brands and each other. Aija has worked on developments of complex web solutions, digital tools, socially driven campaigns, intranets and native apps as well as consulted on digital marketing strategy. With extensive experience in system enhancement, bug-fix management as well as road-map development, she is up for any challenge the future of digital technologies might throw at her. What I bring to a project is organisation, structure and snacks. The best piece of content I’ve ever seen...  so much out there, but lately its Last Week Tonight by John Oliver.

  • Marena

    Commercial Manager

    Marena Paul is BauerWorks' Commercial Manager and is responsible for all the financial operations relating to BauerWorks' accounts. Prior to joining the business she was the General Finance Manager for Network Services (Bauer’s Distribution Division) between 2008 and 2014. Marena is a Certified Practising Accountant and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (Accounting). The best content is content that ignites the imagination. What I bring to any project is a calculator.

  • Hayley

    Digital Content Manager

    Hayley is a content creator, qualified in Journalism, Commerce, and International Studies. She has a background in written, online and TV journalism, as well as online marketing and social media strategy. Hayley loves working in a creative environment, and strives to create engaging and inspiring content in both the written and digital space. What I bring to a project is enthusiasm, focus, and willingness to nurture the project from start to finish. My best day is different from the last! Productivity, change, and challenge bring about results.

  • Sally

    Creative Director

    Sally is hands-on creative who likes cutting up bits of paper, sticking them down and scribbling all over them. She is an inventive problem-solver who has worked extensively in concepts and art directing food, fashion and retail content for clients worldwide. Originally from the UK, she has worked for Redwood Publishing, John Lewis partnership and Waitrose. In Australia, she worked as a Creative Director at ACP and Bauer and also as Design Manager at Time Inc. The best content connects on an emotional level, something that can make you laugh, cry and hopefully act to make a difference in the world. What I bring to a project is a dark humour, a practical heart, a creative spirit and an extensive knowledge of profanities.

  • Maddison

    Digital Editor

    Maddison has a background in journalism and communications with three years’ experience in print and digital media. She sees exciting possibilities in the future of media and, as a true digital multi-tasker; she is passionate about finding new solutions and opportunities to create powerful content for online audiences. In her digital role, Maddison brings a native understanding of digital environments to editorial content creation and social media management. The best content charms its audience. What I bring to a project is resourcefulness, energy and GIFs. The best piece of content I’ve ever heard is WNYC’s addictive Radiolab podcasts. My best day is any day that I get to solve a problem for someone, have something good for lunch and pat a stranger’s dog.

  • Cameron

    Deputy Editor

    Cameron is a journalist and editor with a decade’s experience under his belt, specialising in fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. He’s worked as associate editor across several titles, helping to helm a team of talented stylists, art directors, designers and contributors to create great content that delivers. What I bring to a project is a desire to create great editorial that’s evocative and entertaining. That’s how to get a message across. The best piece of content I’ve ever seen is the cover of the Vanity Fair 2001 Hollywood Issue. My best day involves writing something rewarding; reading or watching something inspirational; laughing at Amy Schumer; and a cup of tea.

  • Helen

    Art Studio Manager

    Helen is a Sydney-based art director with more than a decade’s experience leading creative teams across women’s lifestyle, home and food titles. As a long-term BauerWorks team member, Helen has a strong understanding of the need for collaboration with clients, a love for the brand she’s working with and lots of laughter and fun along the way. What I bring to any project is enthusiasm, laughter and massive dose of dedication. The best piece of content I’ve ever seen is the video promo for ‘Do it in a dress – one girl’ campaign. It’s something that inspires a powerful emotion. My best day is when everyone is happy and content with a project well done.

  • Louise Cheung

    Features Editor

    Louise is a Dublin-born features editor, with 15 years’ experience producing and perfecting content for print, online, social and video. She leads a select team of writers in creating engaging, informative and trustworthy content for brands across lifestyle, fashion, beauty and wellbeing. A proud member of the multi-award-winning BauerWorks team since 2013, her focus is to help brands capture desired cut-through, and best represent themselves to their audience. The best content instantly captures your target audience’s attention, and takes them on a journey. The best piece of content I’ve ever seen is anything in the Salomon “Running” TV series. Their video shorts capture feel-good escapism that portrays a true authenticity. After that, brand trust – and aspiration and engagement – all subconsciously follow.

  • Paul

    Managing Chief Sub Editor / Writer

    Born in New Zealand, Paul has been a writer, editor and subeditor for some 25 years – ever since he realised he could actually make more money writing about music than making music. His journey includes fanzines, working with glue in an “Old Media” press library, training on the Bulletin, a stint in paparazzi-driven lifestyle, and tasting the Golden Age of lads’ mags on Ralph before becoming chief subeditor/writer on Qantas. Paul loves to write about travel, but also pens for publications as varied as INTHEBLACK (CPAA) and The Australian Worker (AWU). What I bring to a project is experience, ideas and, occasionally, questionable humour. The best piece of content I’ve ever seen is Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. My best day is any day above ground really, as long as those creative juices are flowing. Mmmmmmmm… creative juices.

  • Jenna

    Digital Content Producer

    Jenna Hanson is a Sydney-based digital producer with a background in science and editorial. In her time with BauerWorks, Jenna has worked across a number of different projects in the digital sphere including website builds, EDM personalisation and social selling, all with one goal in mind: to give the client the best possible outcome using innovative ideas and products. The best content speaks to people. What I bring to a project is efficiency, dedication and hard work.

  • Jacqui

    Creative Strategy Director

    Jacqui is a creative strategist with over 20 years’ experience. Her career started in London where she was hired as design assistant for Pink Floyd. On her return to Australia Jacqui immersed herself in magazines and has since lead art teams across print and digital platforms for newsstand and custom publications. Jacqui specialises in connecting clients with engaging and dynamic creative. She has a contemporary design sensibility and an unwavering passion for typography. She also loves coffee. The best content sendsme on a journey of discovery that sparks an urge to know more. What I bring to a project is creative intuition, three black pens, and a well-packed font suitcase. My best day is any day that includes good friends, close family, fine wine and stinky cheese. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Sarah

    Senior Business Manager

    Sarah started at Bauer Media as a sales coordinator for Cosmopolitan in Sydney before transferring interstate and joining the commercial team at BauerWorks in Melbourne. Working with some of Australia’s biggest and most recognisable brands, she has been involved with the planning and implementation of multi-platform commercial strategies across the lifestyle, fashion, home, entertainment and retail categories. What I bring to any project is passion and attention to detail.

  • Deborah

    Content Editor

    Deborah is a Sydney-based content editor who specialises in innovation, entrepreneurs, business and education. She believes the best story is told in the right format in the simplest way. The best content always leaves you feeling satisfied and, oddly enough, still wanting more. What I bring to a project is the desire to be an alchemist blending everyone’s best ideas into an inspiring end effective whole. My best day is any day that involves yoga, a bright idea, laughter and a morsel of chocolate (in that order).

  • Sheree

    Senior Art Director

    In a 30-year career Sheree has worked as a designer for all the major media companies in Australia as well as in the US and Singapore. She started her career in advertising, living and working in LA then took on an art director role with ACP in Sydney. When newspapers went colour she joined Fairfax Media as a deputy design director overseeing a team of 22 creatives. A decade later she moved to News Limited to launch monthly finance magazine The Deal, which was inserted in The Australian newspaper. In 2010 she moved to Singapore and started her own company designing magazines and events collateral, returning to Sydney in 2013. What I bring to a project is fun-loving enthusiasm.

  • Jo

    Sub Editor

    Jo has more than 25 years’ experience as a writer and sub-editor, both in magazines and online. She has dealt with topics from finance and business to motoring, home design, health and parenting, and is a glutton when it comes to learning something new. She has worked on titles including Woman’s Day, Australian House & Garden, Gourmet Traveller and Better Homes & Gardens. More recently, she has focused on the custom publishing area, including subediting on the award-winning INTHEBLACKmagazine for CPA Australia, The Walkley Magazine produced by the Walkley Foundation for journalism, and on titles for ANZ Private Bank, Westfield, Telstra (Smarter Business Ideas) and Ford. What I bring to any project are equal measures of dependability and whimsy.

  • Jessica


    Jessica started her career in newspapers then worked for many years in consumer mags including Marie Claire and Cosmo, before taking on her current role as an editor in custom publishing. Having seen a lot of change in consumer habits in a 20-year career, she's embracing new challenges in digital and client publishing with a philosophy built on hard work and enthusiasm to create new and exciting content. The best content is content that instantly engages and excites: interest me in the first sentence or seconds, or you've lost me. What I bring to any project is enthusiasm, perseverance, creativity, sense of humour and a collaborative approach. My best day is any day that has a high from an incredible photo shoot, a new idea or deadline met. Those are the best days.

  • Adam

    Digital Editor

    Adam is an Australian writer, editor and photographer. Working in publishing and marketing, he’s collaborated with brands and publications including Red Bull International, GQ, CNN, UNICEF and Country Road. Adam’s a believer in content that challenges convention and perception. The best content leaves a reader feeling something.What I bring to any project is wild, impractical ideas that (usually) become the basis for exciting, accomplishable ideas.The best piece of content I’ve ever seen is ‘Snow Fall’by the New York Times. It redefined what digital storytelling could be. My best day is any day that features any of the following: a) challenging work b) copious quantities of sashimi c) spiced rum d) NBA playoff basketball.

  • Michelle

    Beauty Editor

    A journalist and editor with more than 15 years’ experience, Michelle covers beauty, fashion and lifestyle for a number of publications. As beauty director of Emporium and Westfield magazines, she produces content and keeps our clients up to date with trends in beauty and retail. Over the course of her career, Michelle has written and edited for a wide range of magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Health and Who. She’s also taught journalism at both Wollongong University and the University of Notre Dame. The best content is content that understands its audience and knows how to speak their language. The best piece of content I’ve ever seen is Net-A-Porter’s Porter magazine: entertaining, informative and cleverly designed to maximise its shoppability. My best day is any day I spend working with creative people and visionary clients.

  • Kirstie

    Editorial Consultant

    Kirstie Clements is an author, columnist, journalist, speaker and former editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia. Her memoir of three decades in high-fashion publishing, The Vogue Factor, released in 2013, has become an international bestseller. Other works include a fictional glimpse behind the scenes in the magazine industry, Tongue In Chic and she has also co-authored two illustrated books on fashion, In Vogue 50 Years of Australian Style and The Australian Women’s Weekly Fashion The First 50 Years.

We make content that works

The content we create with brands draws audiences and drives revenue. We’re proud to add that it also attracts the acclaim of the content industry, right around the world.


2016 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards

WINNER: Business Designer of the Year: Kate Barnett for INTHEBLACK

WINNER: Association or Member Organisation Magazing of the Year: INTHEBLACK

2016 Content Marketing Awards (US)

WINNER: Best Regularly Featured Column or Section- The Strategist INTHEBLACK

WINNER: Best Overall Design (Print) INTHEBLACK

WINNER: Best Assciation Publication INTHEBLACK


2015 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards

WINNER: Business Designer of the Year: Kate Barnett for INTHEBLACK

RUNNER-UP: Business Magazine of the Year: INTHEBLACK

2015 Custom Content Council, Pearl Awards

BEST Creative Designer Kate Barnett for INTHEBLACK

SILVER: Apparel/Fashion: W Style and W Sydney magazines (Westfield)

SILVER: Associations/Non-profits: INTHEBLACK


BRONZE: Apparel/Fashion: Myer Emporium

BRONZE: Best Evolution of Print to Digital: INTHEBLACK

2015 BEFEST Awards

BRONZE: Best Branded Publication (print or online): Telstra Smarter Business Ideas

2015 Content Marketing Awards (US)

WINNER: Best Association Publication: INTHEBLACK

WINNER: Best Use of Illustration: INTHEBLACK

2015 Content Marketing Awards (US)

WINNER: Best Association Publication: INTHEBLACK

WINNER: Best Use of Illustration: INTHEBLACK

2015 MPA Magazine and Media Awards (NZ)

WINNER: Advertising Sales Excellence - Current Affairs and Business: KiaOra


2014 Australian Magazine Awards

WINNER: Custom Magazine of the Year: INTHEBLACK

WINNER: Magazine App of the Year: Coles magazine and Coles Baby & Toddler

FINALIST: Editor of the Year: Kara Byers for Foxtel magazine

2014 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards

WINNER: Business Magazine of the Year: INTHEBLACK

RUNNER-UP: Business Magazine Cover of the Year: INTHEBLACK

RUNNER-UP: Business Designer of the Year: Kate Barnett for INTHEBLACK

2014 Custom Content Council, Pearl Awards

GOLD: Most Improved Publication (Editorial): Foxtel magazine

SILVER: Best International Publication: Qantas The Australian Way

SILVER: Best Overall Editorial B2C: Qantas The Australian Way

FINALIST: Best Multi-Channel Solution: Qantas The Australian Way

FINALIST: Best Tablet Content: Coles magazine

FINALIST: Best E-Newsletter: Bupa

FINALIST: Most Improved Publication (Design): Foxtel magazine

FINALIST: Best Special Issue B2C: Weight Watchers

2014 BEFEST Awards

GOLD: Brand Publication of the Year: Qantas The Australian Way

FINALISTS: Brand Publication of the Year: INTHEBLACK and Foxtel magazine


2013 Australian Magazine Awards

WINNER: Custom Magazine of the Year: Myer Emporium

FINALISTS: Custom Magazine of the Year: Coles magazine and Qantas The Australian Way

WINNER: Magazine App of the Year: Coles magazine

FINALIST: Magazine App of the Year: Qantas The Australian Way

2013 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards

WINNER: Custom Magazine of the Year: Weight Watchers

RUNNER-UP: Custom Magazine of the Year: Coles magazine

WINNER: Best App on a Tablet or Mobile Device: Coles magazine

FINALIST: Best App on a Tablet or Mobile Device: Qantas The Australian Way

WINNER: Custom Designer of the Year: Kate Barnett for INTHEBLACK

2013 Custom Content Council, Pearl Awards

GOLD: Best Overall Digital Strategy: Qantas The Australian Way

SILVER: Best Overall Digital Strategy: Myer Emporium

GOLD: Best Tablet Content: Coles magazine/Coles Baby & Toddler

SILVER: Best Tablet Content: Qantas The Australian Way

SILVER: Best Use of Photography: Qantas The Australian Way

SILVER: Best new launch or re-launch: Weight Watchers

SILVER: Best Tie-in With Corporate Integrated Marketing Campaign: Myer Emporium

BRONZE: Best Proof of Return on Investment: Myer Emporium

BRONZE: Best E-Newsletter: Smarter Business Ideas

Australian Mobile Awards 2013

WINNER (Fashion): Myer Emporium for iPad

Finalist (Travel): Qantas The Australian Way for iPad

Finalist (Food): Coles magazine for iPad

Finalist (News): Smarter Business Ideas for iPad and Android tablets